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Heading out into the blue yonder after lunch [click to enlarge]So much to see! [click to enlarge]
Cycle-the-Dordogne’s self-guided tours are a voyage of discovery. You are in control. You travel at your own pace. You know also that we are always there in the locality to support you.
Cycle through beautiful countryside [click to enlarge]The River Lot [click to enlarge]
All our tours are in the south-west of France in the Dordogne and Lot. Both areas are captivating - and many of our clients come back here year after year. In addition, the accommodation we book is chosen to suit all tastes - from delightful chambres d’hôtes (Bed & Breakfast), to superb deluxe hotels. You decide.
Under the cliffs towards St-Cirq-Lapopie [click to enlarge]The vineyards of the Lot valley [click to enlarge]
The length of your tour is variable. You decide. And you are able to start a tour whenever you wish - it is neither fixed in advance nor dependent on a whole group starting together. Whichever tour you choose, you are guaranteed both freedom and flexibility.

All our tours run from early April to mid-October. Should you wish to book a tour out of season, however, do please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.
Cycle-the-Dordogne’s office! [click to enlarge]Plenty of these! [click to enlarge]
Cycle-the-Dordogne is not based in some far-off land away from its customers. We actually live in the centre of the Dordogne and Lot regions. It will be Cliff who meets you upon arrival and he will explain everything thoroughly - how the bicycles function, which routes are recommended and places of interest to visit along the way. The tours have been planned meticulously and we want them to be everything you’ve hoped for... and more.

Although all our tours are self-guided, we are always there if you need us. Should plans need to be changed at short notice due to a road closure, for example, we will let you know immediately. We are only a telephone call away - and it will be either Cliff or Annie who answers the telephone, not a temporary employee in some far-off office.
Keep going...! [click to enlarge]Hilltop villages [click to enlarge]
Listed below are our eight tours and their normal duration, but your tour can be shorter or longer if you prefer. You decide. You may decide that you would like to spend more time in the Valley visiting those châteaux you’ve heard so much about. Not a problem, talk to us and we will come up with a solution. The choice and flexibility we can offer makes those decisions easier for you to make. We pride ourselves on our freedom of choice and our flexibility, so please don’t hesitate to ask.
Château Beynac [click to enlarge]The majestic River Dordogne [click to enlarge]
DORDOGNE ONE Short 7 days (6 nights)
Standard 9 days (8 nights)
Long 11 days (10 nights)
DORDOGNE TWO Standard 9 days (8 nights)
LOT VALLEY ONE Standard 9 days (8 nights)
LOT VALLEY TWO Short 8 days (7 nights)
  Standard 10 days (9 nights)
GOURMET & GROTTES Standard 10 days (9 nights)
DORDOGNE/LOT COMBO Choice of duration
SARLAT PLUS ONE Choice of duration
HUB & SPOKE Choice of duration
Your own choice of cycling, walking, horse riding and canoeing Choice of duration
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